Rant~! Illustrator ✖ D.O.D

2nd entry for today :p
i told u before..my brother whining want to use computer xp so as a good sister i give it to him...
Right after i close my mozila and all my works i found him sleeping..what the *__*
so here~ another entry, i havn't finish the 1st one :p i'm too lazy to edit my previous entry xD beside i'll talk about something different here :D

Look at my wish list xD there is Camine & Sha rit ??
and who are they ???? They are my dream dolls ;D

Camine ♥

Sha ♥

credits : Dream of Doll official website

i wanna buy it...i will buy it if i lost my mind oneday xD i mean~ take a look the price :p i can buy 1 dell streak or maybe an ipad with that money xD
beside my parents will kill me if they know i buy something expensive like that ahaha~

but...THEY'RE SO CUTE~~~ and i wanna make them as my model xD *yeah if i had one* :p
So anyone here kindly enough to buy 1 D.O.D for me ??
pleaseeee xD *pikapika*

I was dreaming build my own clan xD with Camine and Sha as the member *laugh*
this is my original ideal character :p
  • Camine as Takuya Tohzuki

  • Sha as Sakuya Tohzuki

Yes~ keep dreaming xD maybe one day i really can make my own clan ahaha~

anyway...why Tohzuki ??? if you play Starry Sky game you probaby familiar with this name... xD yes i take it from "Suzuya Tohzuki" one of my favorite boys at Starry Sky

as bonus... ♥ this is Kazuki-kaichou...he's Seigatsu Gakuen Seitokaichou ^^ i love his route the most ;D

next topic...♥ I'm into otome game lately :D xD sacrifice my bed time just to get my fav boy xD from all the game i've played, Starry Sky is my favorite game :) from the plot and arts :D

the illustrator behind this game is Kazuaki
credits : minitokyo.net

and Kazuaki others works is Persona 3, Persona 4 and Lamento :) if you play one of this game or maybe a part of community maybe you know the incident, about her did use some of the materials that for her work (for reference i guess) >.< i read from some blogs and community it said she'd like to make an apology...sensei i hope you can solve your problem soon :) *keep supporting kazuaki* ♥

and i can't to play Starry Sky ~in Autumn~ portable soon xD

another my favorite illustrator is Kazuki Yone :)she is the one who design Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Hiiro no Kakera and Hanaomi (new game otome haven't release yet)

credits: minitokyo.net

i love both Kazuaki and kazuki yone style ^o^
so who is your fav illustrator ^^

Okay~ i guess its enough for today~ ahaha this is always happen when i start bloging again :p
see you at next entry ^_^

big credits for all illustrator at pixiv ^o^

Tohzuki Chiharu

Re-OPENED Blog ♥

So~ how are you people
It's me again, Ruru...i 'm back from my hiatsu (re:laziness~) *wink*

After leaving this blog for almost 3 months *i guess* i decide to back here and start write again. I've deleted my previous entry (the entry with Indonesia language) and will write in english. Although my english is not good but who cares xD let's continue my randomness here ♥

For my first not so-first-entry xD i'll post some food pict that i take today.I went to one of Japanese Restaurant mixed eroupe style near my house because i'm craving for Parfait xD but too bad they don't have Parfait for today *cry* So this is the menu for today's lunch ♥ 1 packet menu (Soup+Salad+2 Mini Pasta)

"Corn Cream Soup Japanese Style" ?!


Cream Sauce Pasta :p

Soup pasta *hwaa i forget the name xD

Ice Coffe...Actually i wanna Cream Soda xD but i change it since i've drink cream soda twice

Ice Macha (Green Tea)..okay it should be Ichigo Parfait T_T

Okay~ that's it :p sorry about the lighting, the restaurant really crowded i can't use my camera flash :( what do you think ?? xD If you like Japanese & Europe food..i recommend this Restaurant :D Pasta de Waraku

Enough for now...my brother whining wants use the computer -_- i'll post something again after he finish and fix the current layout...

yabai~ xp i forget "n" it should be Molphin not Molphi xD oh well

Shankyuuu ♥
Tohzuki Chiharu