Rant~! Illustrator ✖ D.O.D

2nd entry for today :p
i told u before..my brother whining want to use computer xp so as a good sister i give it to him...
Right after i close my mozila and all my works i found him sleeping..what the *__*
so here~ another entry, i havn't finish the 1st one :p i'm too lazy to edit my previous entry xD beside i'll talk about something different here :D

Look at my wish list xD there is Camine & Sha rit ??
and who are they ???? They are my dream dolls ;D

Camine ♥

Sha ♥

credits : Dream of Doll official website

i wanna buy it...i will buy it if i lost my mind oneday xD i mean~ take a look the price :p i can buy 1 dell streak or maybe an ipad with that money xD
beside my parents will kill me if they know i buy something expensive like that ahaha~

but...THEY'RE SO CUTE~~~ and i wanna make them as my model xD *yeah if i had one* :p
So anyone here kindly enough to buy 1 D.O.D for me ??
pleaseeee xD *pikapika*

I was dreaming build my own clan xD with Camine and Sha as the member *laugh*
this is my original ideal character :p
  • Camine as Takuya Tohzuki

  • Sha as Sakuya Tohzuki

Yes~ keep dreaming xD maybe one day i really can make my own clan ahaha~

anyway...why Tohzuki ??? if you play Starry Sky game you probaby familiar with this name... xD yes i take it from "Suzuya Tohzuki" one of my favorite boys at Starry Sky

as bonus... ♥ this is Kazuki-kaichou...he's Seigatsu Gakuen Seitokaichou ^^ i love his route the most ;D

next topic...♥ I'm into otome game lately :D xD sacrifice my bed time just to get my fav boy xD from all the game i've played, Starry Sky is my favorite game :) from the plot and arts :D

the illustrator behind this game is Kazuaki
credits : minitokyo.net

and Kazuaki others works is Persona 3, Persona 4 and Lamento :) if you play one of this game or maybe a part of community maybe you know the incident, about her did use some of the materials that for her work (for reference i guess) >.< i read from some blogs and community it said she'd like to make an apology...sensei i hope you can solve your problem soon :) *keep supporting kazuaki* ♥

and i can't to play Starry Sky ~in Autumn~ portable soon xD

another my favorite illustrator is Kazuki Yone :)she is the one who design Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Hiiro no Kakera and Hanaomi (new game otome haven't release yet)

credits: minitokyo.net

i love both Kazuaki and kazuki yone style ^o^
so who is your fav illustrator ^^

Okay~ i guess its enough for today~ ahaha this is always happen when i start bloging again :p
see you at next entry ^_^

big credits for all illustrator at pixiv ^o^

Tohzuki Chiharu


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